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As soon as you have a project and you want funding, the last thing you wish to is for an interested party to walk out of a meeting not in agreement with everyone or vice versa. It is really an unfortunate event which we have witnessed when two or more parties meet at negotiation stage of a joint venture agreement. Why do this happen? What went wrong? Can you think of a remedy?
At Clique Joint Ventures Kenya, we have seen then we can guarantee you that more parties will disagree frequently at this stage. A simple reason may joint venture deals in Kenya fail is where one party refuses to transfer the land ownership to the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Company. This along is a deal break in a joint venture arrangement. So let’s see several of these deal breakers just to prepare you prior to the time you meet with a potential joint venture party.
Governance and Conflict Resolutions
When entering into a joint venture, all you need is to look at the Joint venture governance critically to get around future problems. Some of key elements of joint venture governance include control. Who has control of a joint venture?
Normally there are two or three levels of control in any company not simply in Joint Venture Company. These include Board of directors, Management team and shareholders. Sometimes management team can include board of directors.
What are some of the agreements which must be put in writing concerning board of directors/management team?
What will the minimum/maximum number of directors be?
Who can appoint a director?
Who is eligible to become a director?
Will there be equal representation from each JV party?
Concerning the day to day business of the board, some considerations really needs to be looked into, including;
How often will the board meet?
Who must attend?
How will decisions be made?
Another aspect of governance is managing key actions/issues. How do JV parties protect key actions or issues?
What issues are considered key and must be handled with JV partners?
How will conflict of interests be addressed?
Other aspects of JV governance issue relate with sharing of real info between the JV parties.
Who is responsible for providing information and how often?
Who has access to the information and are there any confidentiality issues to consider?
What happens in a deadlock situation?
If these issues are not well addressed, it might break a deal before the project is concluded.
Joint Venture Agreements
This becomes a source of problem when it missed on covering certain elements which later one party is not comfortable or thinking of. A JV agreement may also carry some clauses which later proved not friendly to one party and this can star problems.
This has the potential of breaking a transaction before its signed or later in the course of existence for the project, trigger hitch a clause or clauses in the agreement.
Exit Scenarios
Exit clause need to be developed in depth and with all possible scenarios considered.
An exit strategy may be required to; Close down a non-profitable business, execute an investment or business venture when profit objectives commonly are not met, close down a business in the event or a significant change in market conditions, sell an investment or a company, sell an unsuccessful company to limit losses as well as reduce ownership in a company or give up control.
Commonly used types of exit strategies include;
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Strategic acquisitions
Management buyouts
You must have to discuss and agree on all potential exit clauses enabling you to get started yourself knowing very well the presence of exit clauses.
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